Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (Wisaksil Wangek) versus Kwanthai Sithmorseng (Ekkawit Songnui) breakdown

This is a decent stay busy fight for Rungvisai who after being very inactive for a year and a half has now had three fights in 7 months or so. He’s a fighter that before his loss to Juan Francisco Estrada in their rematch was on many people’s P4P lists and deservedly so. He decided to box as an orthodox fighter in that fight for some reason before switching back to southpaw when he realized it simply wasn’t working. It was too little to late however and he lost his world title. He’s looked unremarkable in his comeback fights but also clearly hasn’t trained all that hard for them so his performances are understandable.

Rungvisai has huge amounts of power and comes forward and throws a lot of punches. His chin is rock solid and at his best he has an incredible gas tank. I don’t think hes slipping as hard as some people think he is and he should win this fight fairly comfortably.

Ekkawit Songnui is a former world champion at minimum weight but that was over a decade ago and hes far from his best. At this stage hes also undersized for the weight class and has been stopped in every step up fight hes had in the last seven years.

Ekkawit Songnui

I think Rungvisai should win this fight comfortably by stoppage because hes got more power and is much closer to his prime while Songnui seems washed up. I also think he has the better skill set even if they were both in their primes. Hopefully we get too see Rungvisai get a trilogy with the winner of Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez.


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