Dennis Contreras versus Hairon Socarras breakdown

This is a very well matched fight between two fighters with opposite styles and career paths. Dennis Contreras is 23-10-1 with 21 knockouts and has been matched hard throughout his career. At one point he lost 8 out of his last ten fights but has recently turned it around by causing three upset wins in a row and is starting an unexpected run towards a title. Hairon Socarras started his career off being unbeaten in 25 fights before going to the UK and losing by knockout to the underrated Ryan Walsh.

Dennis Contreras is a come forward fighter who uses a surprising amount of head movement and feints to get into range before throwing big hooks to the body and head. As the fight continues he starts to throw more punches and will also string combinations of hooks together. He has a lot of power which combined with a good chin and solid stamina makes him a hard opponent for anybody.

Hairon Socarras is more of the traditional boxer and will likely try and box and move in this fight. He doesn’t possess as much power as Contreras and certainly doesn’t have his chin.

Hairon Socarras

I think Hairon Socarras will do decently early on and may win a few rounds but Contreras will keep the pressure on and catch him in the middle rounds with big punches before winning by knock out.


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