Edwin de los Santos versus Luis Miguel Montano breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Santos who seems like a good prospect at Super Featherweight. Luis Miguel Montano is a domestic fighter in Mexico who has had mixed results but has beaten a few undefeated fighters.

Edwin de los Santos is a patient fighter though you wouldn’t guess that from his record of 8-0 with seven knockouts. He seems fundamentally sound but doesn’t throw a huge amount of punches. He seems to possess respectable power though it hasn’t been tested at a higher level yet.

Luis Miguel Montano is a decent fighter though does get hit easily. He has respectable proven power and actually has a nice jab and works to the body well when he tries. He has a lot more experience than Santos does but is still in the prime of his career.

I think this is a hard fight to predict as Montano is better than his 16-7 record suggests but will still likely lose a close decision after 10 rounds. I think Santos will be able to do enough to win a decision after ten rounds due to Montano’s shaky defence.


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