Joseph Parker versus Junior Fa breakdown

I think this is an ok fight but one that has been over hyped just because its between two heavyweights from New Zealand. Joseph Parker is levels above Junior Fa and has proven that throughout his career.

Parker’s only losses are to world class opponents in Whyte and Anthony Joshua where he showed a good chin and skills in both fights. He’s also shown power at world level and when hes fighting opponents not on his level he generally gets them out of the ring.

Junior Fa has been incredibly underwhelming when I’ve watched him. He’s struggled with opponents such as Devin Vargas and Dominick Guinn when he really should have at least been stopping Vargas who had never gone the distance in a loss before that fight. He hasn’t shown much power and in my opinion is open defensively as well as being a bit slow footed.

Junior Fa

I expect Joseph Parker to prove why he’s world class and get a stoppage victory or at the very least a wide points win.


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