Artur Ziyatdinov versus David Gladun breakdown

I’m looking forward to this fight as it’s a fairly evenly matched bout with high stakes for both boxers. Ziyatdinov is coming off an upset loss where he was supposed to win with relative ease while Gladun is 4-0 and on the rise. A win for both here helps progress their careers.

David Gladun

I think they are relatively even skill wise though Ziyatdinov can box off the back foot better and likely will try to out box Gladun who will be coming forward. Ziyatdinov was doing well in his last fight before he felt the power of his opponent and got on his bike a little too much a mistake I’m sure he won’t repeat in this one. Considering how fast he’s coming back and the level of opponent he’s coming back against I expect Ziyatdinov to be motivated and win a decision. Gladun is skilled but is inexperienced and over eight rounds I think he will be outboxed but I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he won.


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