Marc Castro versus John Moraga breakdown

Marc Castro was the number one or number two amateur in the USA before turning pro last year. He had his debut on the Canelo-Smith card and while he looked overeager at the start he settled down and secured himself a knockout victory.

He’s got excellent technical skills and works to the body well. He pressures forwards and really makes his opponents work. I thought he showed reasonable power in his last fight and I like his fighting style as it’s smart pressure fighting. He has the skills to box and move but I don’t think he’ll do it so early in his career.

John Moraga is a former UFC fighter but is 36 and washed up at this point. I watched him fight Duke Ragan recently who was another standout amateur and he was taken to school throughout the four rounds. He isn’t technically great and doesn’t have the speed to keep up with the young fighters. He’s also taken this on short notice above his natural weight so you have to wonder what condition he is in.

I think Marc Castro will be able to put the pressure on and force a stoppage due to his aggressive style and Moraga being a late replacement.


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