Alexis Espino versus Ashton Sykes breakdown

This is a slight step up for Alexis Espino who is progressing slightly slower than other Matchroom prospects though that may benefit him in the future as he won’t be rushed to quickly. Ashton Sykes is a decent domestic level fighter in the USA who seems to have improved a bit in the last two years as he’s on a three win streak after starting his career 2-3.

Alexis Espino has fluid combinations that he throws to the body and head. I think he clearly has some power though sometimes doesn’t set it up enough. I like his check and lead hooks which he’ll often add punches to afterwords. His stamina seems fine and hes fundamentally fairly sound due to a decent amateur career.

Ashton Sykes has no footage that I could find online but I did find a video he did himself showing him training and talking about how motivated he is towards boxing. It sounds like hes been putting in the time and with his recent results hes clearly improved. I also thought the video had a lot of effort put into it which suggests to me hes serious about his boxing so this should be a good test for Espino.

Ashton Sykes

I think its likely Espino will do enough to win due to his combinations and amateur background but Sykes has been in harder fights and could use his experience and age to pull off the victory. My official prediction is a close Espino points win.


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