Janelson Figueroa Bocachica versus Mark Reyes Jr breakdown

This is a great match up between rising Welterweights who aren’t backed by major promoters. After both of them built records mainly off tv they are now making their appearances on television where they will have a chance to become bigger names and get more fights. Bocachica has already appeared on Showbox once where he impressed by winning by first round knockout.

Janelson Figueroa Bocachica is a talented fighter who doesn’t do anything particularly bad. He has a decent level of power though certainly isn’t a huge puncher. He can move around the ring well and his defence is adequate for this level.

There is very little footage of Mark Reyes Jr online but from what I’ve watched he has good fundamentals though doesn’t punch often and can be a bit lax about his defence at times. He does seem to have a good amount of power though. The majority of the punches I saw him throw were big counters so I presume hes a come forward counter puncher which is often a hard style to beat.

Mark Reyes Jr

I think Bocachica will most likely win a decision due to throwing more punches and also limiting Reyes Jr’s chances to land clean due to the height difference. Bocachica is also fast and seems to be developing some power himself so a mid to late stoppage wouldn’t surprise me if he catches Reyes Jr.


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