George Arias versus Joel Caudle breakdown

This is a decent learning fight for Arias who hasn’t impressed me that much so far in his career. He’s 15-0 with seven knockouts and has been a pro for six years though hasn’t progressed all that much. Joel Caudle is a journeyman who takes on up and coming heavyweights in America which has led him to a record of 8-4-2.

Both heavyweights are on the short side at 6ft and 5ft 10 respectively. Neither has all that much power and neither are great technical boxers. I think Arias is a bit better technically though not a whole lot separates them.

Joel Caudle

I can see Arias being the aggressor with a lot of the rounds being close and up to debate however considering hes the prospect and likely on the front foot then I think he’ll get the benefit of the doubt from the judges and win a decision.


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