Richard Commey versus Jackson Marinez breakdown

This is an excellent fight for both of these fighters coming off losses though in Marinez’s case he was robbed badly of a win. Richard Commey is a former hard punching world champion who has faced a lot of good fighters throughout his career. Jackson Marinez had his first big fight last time out versus Rolando Romero and boxed well before being robbed blind on the scorecards.

Richard Commey isn’t technically the best fighter but he has a huge amount of power and isn’t afraid to let his hands go. His defence also isn’t great but he has a solid chin and more importantly good powers of recovery. He’ll throw in big hooks to both the body and head though head hunts perhaps a little too much. He’s mixed it with good competition throughout his career including at world level. You can argue he should only have one loss to Teofimo Lopez which is of course no shame as Lopez is currently the best lightweight in the world. He doesn’t really mix the power of his punches that much so can become a bit predictable which is how Teofimo timed him for the knockout punch.

Richard Commey

Jackson Marinez is a good technical boxer who fights on the back foot. He has a nice consistent jab and quick counters whenever his opponents punch as he takes a quick half step back. I think his defence is also good due to his footwork and upper body movement. The major downfall to his game is he has almost no power to speak off and its hard to win boxing off the back foot versus big punchers because the judges favor them. He also doesn’t have the experience that Commey does in big fights and while I think he beat Romero I also don’t think Romero is world class yet.

Jackson Marinez

I think Richard Commey will win by knockout in the 8th round due to having a lot more power and also experience. I expect Marinez to either get blown out early or box well for six or seven rounds before he gets caught and stopped. I’d be surprised if either fighter became a world champion or again in the case of Commey however they can be in fun fights in the division.

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