Bienvenido Ligas versus Alphoe Dagayloan breakdown

This is a well matched fight between Ligas who is a prospect on the rise and Dagayloan who has been a pro for ten years. Bienvenido Ligas is a solid prospect who only has one loss two years ago when he was only 20. Alphoe Dagayloan has had a lot of success domestically and is 1-1 when going on the road.

Bienvenido Ligas is decent technically but does overextend on his punches sometimes. He has some power but nothing out of the ordinary and his record makes him look like a bigger puncher than he is. He works well to the body and throws in combination the majority of the time. He doesn’t jab very often and has slow footwork and head movement but he is young so can improve. So far he hasn’t faced a great level of competition and this is his big step up.

Bienvenido Ligas

Alphoe Dagayloan isn’t great technically but he’s a come forward fighter who doesn’t slow down. He’s very aggressive and possesses decent power though due to his technique he doesn’t punch as hard as he should. His defence is what you expect of a brawler however he does try to avoid punches and keeps his hands up the majority of the time. He has a vast wealth of experience against good opponents and has over 100 more rounds boxed than Ligas.

I think Dagayloan will win a decision after twelve rounds due to his experience and relentless style. I don’t think Ligas has the power to keep him off and will end up getting outworked over the distance by the bullish Dagayloan.


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