Austin Trout versus Juan Armando Garcia breakdown

This should be a fairly straight forward win for Austin Trout who has been out of the ring for just over a year. Garcia has been out of the ring for more than two years himself and is coming out of retirement for this fight.

Austin Trout is a former world champion who has faced the big names throughout his career. He is 35 now and coming towards the latter stage of his career but isn’t washed up or too far away from his prime. As you’d expect of a world champion he has a good all around skill set and in Trout’s case has never been outclassed completely in a fight.

Juan Armando Garcia is a domestic fighter from Mexico who has fought in Canada multiple times as the opponent without any success. Almost every time hes stepped up in competition hes lost.

Juan Armando Garcia

I expect Austin Trout to win by knockout due to being levels above Garcia and also having less ring rust than a fighter who’s last bout was in 2018.


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