Rohan Polanco versus Luis Ronaldo Castillo breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Polanco who is only 2-0 but has had an extensive amateur career. Ronaldo Castillo is 22-6 and normally either knocks his opponent out or gets stopped himself.

Rohan Polanco is from the Dominican Republic and represented them well throughout his amateur career. He has a good set of fundamentals and I especially like how consistent he is with his jab. He sets all his other punches off the jab and while hes not a massive puncher he is someone with a lot of skill. He generally stays in a defensive stance known as the Philly shell and unlike a lot of prospects he uses it to good effect. His footwork is good and gets him out of danger but he also doesn’t get hit very much because of him using the Philly shell effectively which is harder than it looks. Early in fights he doesn’t throw a huge amount of punches but as the rounds go on he gets more active along with being more creative offensively with his combinations.

Luis Ronaldo Castillo has some power and isn’t a bad fighter though he lacks the fundamentals and footwork of Polanco. The biggest thing that lets him down in fights is his defence which has led to him losing six times all by knockout. He keeps his chin in the air and isn’t hard to hit which combined with him not having a granite chin means that anybody with some punching power has a good chance of putting him down.

Luis Ronaldo Castillo

I think Rohan Polanco will win a decision after six rounds due to having better fundamentals including footwork which will make it hard for Castillo to hit him. I think his consistent jab can control the fight especially over six rounds.


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