Shakan Pitters versus Craig Richards breakdown

This is a fight that i’m really looking forward too as it features two fairly evenly matched fighters. Pitters is on a very good run of form at the moment and is unbeaten in 14 fights. Craig Richards was putting together a good run but was held to a draw last time out by Chad Sugden which put him to 15-1-1.

Shakan Pitters is a massive Light Heavyweight who uses his height and reach to good effect. His defence is solid because of how hard it is for opponents to get near him. He’s a decent technical boxer but his height is his biggest advantage. He’s not a big puncher which is strange considering how much bigger he is than his opponents.

Craig Richards is a decent domestic fighter who holds average power and is a decent technician for a British level fighter. His defence isn’t great though he does have a solid chin. His stamina has shown to be decent and hes clearly improved in the last few years.

Craig Richards

I think Shakan Pitters will be able to use his height and reach advantages to win a 12 round decision but it should be a fun competitive fight on free television in the UK which is great.


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