Narek Abgaryan versus Eduardo Baez breakdown

This is a really fun eight rounder between two contenders at Bantamweight. Abgaryan is currently undefeated but is facing his biggest test in Baez who has been fighting on the regional circuit in Mexico.

Narek Abgaryan is a good technical boxer with great reaction speed and timing. He’s trained by Freddie Roach who is one of the best trainers in the world. He’s not got world class power but hits harder than his six knockouts in 14 fights suggests. He had a good amateur career and competed at the 2016 Olympics.

Eduardo Baez a bit like his brother is a come forward fighter who throws a lot of punches. He’s tall for the weight and holds a significant height advantage in this fight. He’s not as technically good as Abgaryan but hes tough and won’t stop coming for the full eight rounds. This is also his biggest test to date.

Eduardo Baez

I think Narek Abgaryan should be able to use his skills to make Baez miss and punish him for missing. After eight rounds I expect him to win a decision though it’ll be a hard fight and he may lose a few rounds.


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