Eimantas Stanionis versus Janer Gonzalez breakdown

This is a stay busy fight for Stanionis who has proved himself to be a good prospect at Welterweight and someone that I expect to head towards world level in 2021. Janer Gonzalez has lost his last three fights though they were against good competition. He hasn’t had a win since 2017 and at 33 you have to question how much ambition he has left especially with his last two fights being stoppage losses.

Eimantas Stanionis is a strong technically good fighter with a solid amateur background. He was a 2016 Olympian and competed internationally as an amateur for many years. He possesses good power and has a surprisingly good gas tank considering his work rate. He has a good defence and doesn’t get hit very often even though he is very much a come forward pressure fighter.

I’m not going to sugarcoat Janer Gonzalez’s skill set or chances of winning this fight. I personally don’t think he does anything great and while hes shown a serviceable chin in the past I don’t think it will continue into this fight because hes come in on short notice. Stanionis does everything better than Gonzalez and has also had a longer camp.

Janer Gonzalez

I think Eimantas Stanionis will win this fight by stoppage in the first five rounds due to being more powerful and also much better fundamentally. I don’t even really give Gonzalez a punchers chance because Stanionis is very defensively responsible. Gonzalez won’t be able to deal with the pressure of Stanionis and will crumble quickly in the same downward way his career’s gone.


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