Aidos Yerbossynuly versus Issah Samir breakdown

This is a clash between two unbeaten Super Middleweights over 12 rounds for a variety of ranking belts. Both are on the rise and its nice too see undefeated fighters risk their records in a good fight.

Aidos Yerbossynuly had an excellent amateur career and you can tell hes had a lot of amateur bouts when he fights. He has great fundamentals and has a creative offence combined with solid defence which mostly consists of good footwork and good glove positioning. He utilizes the shoulder roll as part of his defence to good effect which is a rare sight as most fighters are ineffective when they try it. I think he has above average power and a respectable gas tank. Yerbossynuly is also the natural super middleweight in this match up as Samir is moving up from middleweight and isn’t as tall.

Issah Samir has good upper body movement but doesn’t have particularly fast or good footwork. From watching his fights he seems to have power but it hasn’t been shown against a good level of competition and its less natural power and more because he puts everything behind most of his punches. He doesn’t use a jab very often and would rather throw lead right and left hooks which may catch opponents off guard as not many people throw them so looping like he does. He doesn’t seem great technically and I think a good counter puncher or someone with decent footwork will pick him apart.

Issah Samir

I think Aidos Yerbossynuly will use his great footwork and technical skills to pick Samir apart over 12 rounds until he gets the KO. I think he can win this fight on both the front and back foot and with his experience should see everything Samir throws as he doesn’t have particularly fast hands. He’s also the bigger man so may be able to bully Samir as well as boast a potential power advantage.


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