Isaac Avelar versus Sakaria Lukas breakdown

Neither of these fighters are world beaters but should make for a competitive and entertaining fight anyway. Isaac Avelar was until recently an undefeated prospect, hes taken back to back losses and hasn’t looked great in those fights. Sakaria Lukas is 36 but holds an undefeated record of 23-0.

Isaac Avelar simply struggles when he comes up against fighters that are competent and in this fight hes facing another good fighter. He has some power and appears to have some technical skill he just hasn’t been able to put these two together in a good performance yet.

Sakaria Lukas has good boxing skills and respectable power. He hasn’t been massively active though hasn’t looked washed up yet even at the age of 36. He’s also unbeaten and dealt with all his opponents comfortably.

Sakaria Lukas

I expect Sakaria Lukas to win a decision in his American debut and hopefully move on to the bigger fights hes been craving for years.


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