One to watch : Fiodor Czerkaszyn

With all the talk of long time middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin facing Kamil Szeremeta from Poland I thought I’d write about another rising Polish middleweight and one that in my eyes is better than Szeremeta.

Fiodor Czerkaszyn has flown under the radar in Poland as over the course of five years hes built himself a record of 16-0. Any semi-decent prospect can build a nice shiny record but the difference with Czerkaszyn is hes actually taken on some interesting tests all while being unknown to most of the world and even to most of boxings hardcore fan base. KO wins over Kassim Ouma, Guido Nicolas Pitto and most importantly Patrick Mendy elevate him beyond the standard domestic level prospect and into someone that has potential on the world stage. Patrick Mendy has been stopped two times out of 38 fights, one by Czerkaszyn and the other more notable name Callum Smith the current WBA world champion at super middleweight who will face P4P number one Canelo Alvarez in December.

Czerkaszyn has a good jab which he uses in a variety of ways. He’ll throw it out hard and quick to set up a one-two but also use it as a range finder along with pawing out with it trying to bait his opponents into opening up their defence. His footwork enables him to get new angles on his opponents but unlike other prospects such as Israil Madrimov he doesn’t overuse his movement and jump in constantly. He is an aggressive fighter but its an educated aggression where he picks his opponents apart and understands the importance of throwing with differing levels of power to set up the knockout. He seems to be a respectable puncher but clearly doesn’t have the power of a GGG or other well known power punchers. He is best described as an aggressive boxer puncher who focuses on breaking opponents down.

He is big for a middleweight and I expect him to eventually move up to Super Middle but hopefully not before he gets a title shot at 160 pounds. He’s only 24 so has time on his side to keep developing and move towards a world title in 2022 or 2023. I expect by that time the middleweight landscape will look vastly different and he may be able to win a title or two as there won’t be many big names in the division by then. He is definitely a fighter to look out for as hes very talented and the next few years will be big for his career.


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