Fearghus Quinn versus Scott James breakdown

This is a good test for Quinn in his second fight and should give him rounds to develop further as a pro. Scott James is a journeyman who wins one then loses one. He’s fought a lot of prospects and goes for the win but so far has had to settle for one draw and six losses against unbeaten fighters. His six wins have come versus other journeymen who unlike James don’t come to win.

Fearghus Quinn was a decent domestic amateur in Ireland and has an aggressive style. He puts a lot of power behind his punches and pushes forward. He works to the body a lot and I think that this should serve him well as he starts to enter fights with more rounds. I don’t know how good his stamina is as hes only gone six rounds though that won’t be a problem for this fight as its only six rounds. His chin is also relatively untested but I’d be surprised if that was a problem for him in this level of fight.

Scott James is tough and really tries but doesn’t have the technical skills or power of Quinn. He doesn’t really turn into his punches and keeps his head on the center line which makes him easily counter-able. I think his biggest weakness is certainly his defence as he has very limited head movement and his footwork isn’t good enough to get him out of tricky spots. He does seem to have a good chin so Quinn will need to break him down rather than trying for the one punch KO.

Scott James

I think Quinn’s relentless come forward style combined with his superior punching technique should be enough for him to win a decision after six rounds. I doubt he’ll get the KO as James is tough and over six rounds should be able to deal with Quinn’s power which so far hasn’t looked all that devastating.


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