Alen Babic versus Tom Little breakdown

This should be a fun fight as Babic always goes forward without a care for defence and Tom Little is an underrated boxer who has let himself down by not coming in shape for his fights. For this fight however he has come in career best shape and so it’ll be interesting too see just how improved he is.

Alen Babic has a simple style to explain. He walks forward throwing massive amounts of punches and doesn’t think about conserving energy as his only purpose is to put his enemies on the canvas and preferably out cold. His defence as you’d expect isn’t great and judging from his fights its likely that if you can get him past four rounds then he’ll be exhausted, the problem obviously is being able to withstand that whirlwind of fury from the Croatian for that time. So far no body has managed it though I think Tom Little has a good chance of going deep in this fight.

Tom Little is a decent boxer but lacks the power at heavyweight needed to go far. He normally doesn’t come in shape which is unfortunate as he has the skills to win an English title and perhaps challenge for the British in my opinion. In his recent fights he’s been put against the best heavyweight prospects in the world and unsurprisingly has been stopped by all of them though he gave a decent showing in the David Price fight. He isn’t the hardest to hit but compared to Babic’s other opponents hes Muhammed Ali if i’m being a bit judgmental.

Tom Little

I see this fight as a relative 50/50 where Babic will either wear Tom Little down in four or five rounds due to his pressure and relentless (Thanks Hearn!) punching or Little will use his feet and box his way to a close decision. Babic could also win a decision if he can bank the early rounds and perhaps steal one late on.


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