Giemel Magramo versus Junto Nakatani breakdown

This is the best fight of the weekend and if you can’t catch it live then should try and find it on youtube after it happens. Giemel Magramo has only lost once and that was in a very close fight to Muhammed Waseem. Junto Nakatani is currently unbeaten at 20-0 and has faced good fighters such as Milan Melindo.

I don’t think this fight has to be hugely over complicated to break down as it comes down to a few key factors. Whether Nakatani can establish a jab and keep the fight for the most part at distance or whether Magramo can get on the inside and slow Nakatani down with body work and superior inside fighting. I have no real idea who will be able to establish their preferred style of fighting on the fight best and thats why its such a great match up.

Giemel Magramo

I’m slightly leaning towards Junto Nakatani because the fight is taking place in Japan and hes from Japan so hasn’t had to travel. Scoring is normally fair in Japan so I don’t think its likely he wins due to bad scoring.


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