Kent Cruz versus Erik Humberto Castillo breakdown

This is a solid comeback fight for Kent Cruz who has spent more than a year out the ring. Castillo is a domestic fighter from Mexico but will be coming to win so should still be a solid opponent.

Kent Cruz is a good boxer-puncher though relies more on his skills than his power in fights. His jab is best when he doubles it up and puts a right hand behind it as he rarely uses it by itself. His defence seems solid from what I’ve watched and while his footwork isn’t perfect its good. He has some power but not necessarily power that will bail him out of a hard fight if hes down on the scorecards. He has been out the ring for over a year and may be a bit rusty compared too before.

Erik Humberto Castillo isn’t good technically and loads up on a lot of his punches so most fighters can see them coming. His defence isn’t good though hes shown a good chin so far in his career. He also doesn’t throw a huge amount of punches when hes in with good competition and while he has a good record of 9-2 it is heavily padded.

Erik Humberto Castillo

I expect Kent Cruz to look good in this fight and win by stoppage with the ref stepping in. I think hes much better technically and also has the natural size and reach advantage.


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