Eimantas Stanionis versus Justin DeLoach breakdown

This should be a solid step up fight for Stanionis too see if he can get past domestic level in the USA. Justin DeLoach has fought the much better competition and while he’s lost a few hes also taken the 0’s of a few prospects now.

Eimantas Stanionis is a decent prospect who was a good amateur. He competed in the 2016 Olympics and went to many international tournaments in his amateur career. He has a good jab and likes to throw combinations especially to the body. His punches seem precise and seem to have some power to them though nothing that makes him stand out compared to say Vergil Ortiz Jr. His defence is reasonably good though he will get hit throughout his career because he pushes forward and is willing to get into extended exchanges.

Justin DeLoach was a decent amateur himself though didn’t quite reach the same heights as Stanionis. He also has a good jab though it doesn’t seems as damaging as Stanionis’s jab is. He likes to throw one or two punches and then reset generally and when he does get into extended exchanges he normally gets caught with a big counter which either hurts or drops him. He has some power himself so its a bit of a 50/50 whether he hurts his opponent or his opponent hurts him.

Justin DeLoach

This is a hard one to pick but i’m going to predict Stanionis by stoppage in the 8th or 9th round. I think when they get into exchanges Stanionis’s punches will get to the target a little quicker and over time that will wear DeLoach down until he gets stopped. I wouldn’t be all that surprised at an upset here though as DeLoach is experienced and a good fighter.


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