Gervonta Davis cements himself as a new star in boxing

Gervonta Davis was already seen as one of the rising stars in boxing and had pulled in big crowds at his recent fights but still he needed that breakout performance to show hes not just popular hes also the real deal. He did that last night in impressive fashion by knocking Leo Santa Cruz out cold on PPV proving his power carries up to the elite level in boxing.

Davis was already popular before because you know what you’d get when he fought and thats a brutal knockout but now that hes knocking out people that the general public know he should become one of the biggest stars in boxing.

I think we need fighters like Gervonta Davis who bring exciting fights and knockouts to really bring boxing back into the mainstream. It’s nice to have boxers who can win 12 round decisions because of their skills but its not nearly as entertaining as watching a knockout or the anticipation of a knockout because you know a fighter has fight ending power.

I think Tank has a lot of options for his next fight and as he said in the post fight interview hes now the one calling the shots and who’s next.


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