Naoya Inoue versus Jason Moloney breakdown

This is a good fight between two top ten Bantamweights though may still be uncompetitive as surprising as that sounds. Naoya Inoue is a top five P4P fighter in the world in my opinion and has been destroying everyone put in front of him. Jason Moloney is world level but isn’t an elite fighter and hasn’t shown he can clearly distance himself from other world class fighters.

I think Inoue is better in most departments and certainly has the advantage in power. Jason Moloney’s only hope in my eyes is to try and rough Inoue up and hope his eye is still damaged from the Donaire fight because otherwise I don’t see how he wins. If he is going to rough Inoue up hes going to take a lot of punishment and I don’t think he’ll be able to withstand it.

Jason Moloney.

I think Inoue will win by knockout within the first six rounds as long as hes fully recovered from his eye injury.


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