Yamil Alberto Peralta versus Marcos Nicolas Karalitzky breakdown

This is a solid domestic match up between two Argentinian Cruiserweights. Peralta was a good amateur who competed internationally and also fought in the World series of boxing. Karalitzky is a fighter who has had mixed results at domestic level in Argentina but is clearly tough and will fight anyone.

Peralta is a good counter-puncher who normally chooses to box on the back foot. He moves around the ring decently but doesn’t overly do it like some fighters do where they refuse to plant their feet and trade. He has a good jab which he throws often but other than his jab he isn’t very active and instead picks his shots which seem to have some power. I think if he upped his work rate he could perhaps get more knockouts as he only has two out of his six wins. His defence seems smooth and he doesn’t get hit much though he has been dropped once. I think he is slowly getting adjusted to the pro style however is still a very patient fighter that is happy too look for opportunities rather than make them.

From the footage I’ve watched Karalitzky moves around the ring a lot and throws wide punches. He’s not a high volume puncher and doesn’t appear to have much power. He is also moving up for this fight as he is normally a natural Light Heavyweight.

Marcos Nicolas Karalitzky

I think Peralta will win by knockout in the 6th or 7th round because he is just overall a better fighter than Karalitzky who is also smaller and has less power. I hope we see Peralta move past domestic level soon as he could be an interesting addition to the Cruiserweight division.


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