Daigo Higa versus Seiya Tsutsumi breakdown

This should be a good test to see if Daigo Higa is still his destructive self at Bantamweight. Daigo Higa won the WBC Flyweight title a few years ago and after making two defences missed weight and lost his title to Cristofer Rosales. He was banned from fighting until earlier this year due to missing weight and was forced to move up to Bantamweight if he wanted to continue to box. Seiya Tsutsumi is a solid domestic prospect who seems to also have a decent amount of power.

Daigo Higa puts his opponents under immense pressure as he never stops marching forward and cutting off the ring. He has an underrated defence and usually keeps his gloves up which he catches a lot of punches on. He has a lot of power and also throws a good amount of punches though I wouldn’t call him reckless. He has competed at world level before and holds the experience advantage over the relative rookie Seiya Tsutsumi.

Seiya Tsutsumi will be on the back foot in this fight in my opinion because Higa is very aggressive and in Tsutsumi’s first step up fight he fought on the back foot. He has a good jab which he doubles up occasionally and if he used it more I think he would have a lot more success. When he does go on the offence its by raiding forwards with a two or three punch combination which he mixes to the body and head before resetting and circling the ring again. His defence isn’t bad but he doesn’t have great head movement so I think Higa will be able to land clean on him at some point in the fight.

Seiya Tsutsumi

I think Daigo Higa will win this fight by knockout in the 5th or 6th round due to having superior power and Tsutsumi not having the experience to deal with Higa’s relentless pressure.


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