Janelson Figueroa Bocachica versus Nicklaus Flaz breakdown

This is an interesting fight between two prospects looking to improve their status. Nicklaus Flaz has one loss but that was to another good prospect who was a very good amateur. Bocachica was a good amateur himself and has been making a steady start to his pro career which has seen him win all 15 of his fights so far.

Bocachica throws well in combination and seems to have good foot work. He has some power though not a huge amount and if he does get stoppages its more through a volume of punches rather than one shot. There’s limited footage online but he looks like he can move around the ring well and his defence seems solid enough.

Janelson Figueroa Bocachica

Nicklaus Flaz is described by many as a brawler and while I agree to an extent I think he has a lot of skill as well. He is generally a come forward fighter who throws a lot of punches and out of the prospects in boxing is one of the better ones at fighting on the inside. I think he has excellent power and is likely going to be the puncher in this match up. His defence is better than you would think for someone labeled with the “Brawler” tag though because of how many punches he throws he is still open to counters. He’s had more experience as an amateur than Bocachica and has also faced better people in the pro ranks.

I think Nicklaus Flaz will win a close decision because of his experience of being in tough fights. I also think his superior power and volume will help him win the second half of the fight after Bocachica gets tired from moving so much while taking body shots and being roughed up.


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