Brandun Lee versus Jimmy Williams breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Brandun Lee who seems to be one of the better American prospects. Jimmy Williams will need to win here as at 34 he doesn’t have a huge amount of time left in the sport.

Brandun Lee has fast hands and throws in combination. He had a good amateur career before turning pro and having 19 fights in three years. He seems to have decent power though its hard to tell sometimes because of the low level of competition hes faced. His defence seems good though once he steps up in levels it will be tested a lot more than it has been.

Jimmy Williams has a decent jab and better power than his record suggests. He doesn’t seem to have particularly fast hands and doesn’t throw in combination that much. His defence isn’t anything special and hes been hit clean by fighters who aren’t nearly as good as Brandun Lee.

Jimmy Williams

I think Lee will win this fight by KO in the 5th or 6th round because he has much quicker hands and is better technically. I also think he has the killer instinct to really go for the knockout while Williams is happy to win on points.


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