Fedor Chudinov versus Umar Sadiq breakdown

This is a fight that I never expected to happen but now its been arranged I think it’ll be a good fight. Chudinov is close to a world title shot and is looking to continue his decent run of form here. Umar Sadiq was very active in 2019 and in 2020 picked up the best win of his career versus Kody Davies who has undefeated at the time.

Fedor Chudinov fights on the front foot and has a decent jab which he uses to get close before throwing combinations and being relatively physical. His defence mostly consists of a high guard and while hes very tough hes not very hard to hit. He has decent power but I wouldn’t say hes a big puncher and he is quite small for a Super Middleweight.

Umar Sadiq is a big middleweight and can use that size effectively and keep his opponents at range. He throws good combinations and has decent power himself. He has a decent jab himself though I think Chudinov’s is a bit better though with the height advantage he may struggle. I don’t think Sadiq or Chudinov have great foot work though Sadiq can box and move around the ring. I think Sadiq leaves his chin a little in the air when he’s pulling back or throwing a big right hand counter off the ropes.

Umar Sadiq

I want Umar Sadiq to win as I think hes a good fighter that takes risks and it would be great too see him pull off the upset in Russia. Unfortunately I think he’ll likely lose a decision as both fighters will be hitting each other plenty but Chudinov has a lot more experience and that might be the telling factor in him squeaking out a very close decision.


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