Sergey Kharitonov versus Danny Williams breakdown

At this stage of Danny Williams career this should be a bit of a mismatch in Kharitonov’s favour. Sergey Kharitonov is an MMA fighter who is making his professional boxing debut. Hes 40 now but that won’t be a problem in this fight as Danny Williams is 47 himself and well past his best.

Danny Williams used to be a good fighter with a lot of power and heart to go along with a decent bit of skill. Unfortunately the majority of that is gone now and hes spent the last decade losing around the world to prospects and other former contenders. In recent years his punch resistance has crumbled and while he still has some power he rarely tries to use it versus the prospects hes brought in to face.

Danny Williams

Sergey Kharitonov is an MMA fighter who is known for knocking people out rather than winning by submission. Hes got decent boxing skills and clearly has power in MMA gloves though its yet to be seen if that is the case with boxing gloves. He doesn’t seem nearly as past his best as Danny Williams and still comes to win which is the major difference between the two.

I think Kharitonov will likely win by 4th or 5th round stoppage as long as he can keep the pressure up as Williams isn’t especially motivated to take extra punishment at this stage of his long career.


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