Jamel Herring versus Jonathan Oquendo breakdown

I think this fight may be a bit more competitive than people think as Oquendo isn’t a bad fighter and Herring did have Covid-19 recently. Jamel Herring seems to be in the best form of his career as hes become a world champion and will be making the second defence of his title here. Jonathan Oquendo has never quite been able to beat the fighters at the top level but is a solid fighter himself.

Jamel Herring has a good jab and technical boxing skills. His stamina is good and he always comes in great shape to fights. His defence and chin are decent though he has been stopped and hurt in fights before. He’s with a great team right now and seems to be very focused on this fight as winning it gets him a big fight with Carl Frampton next.

Jonathan Oquendo will be on the front foot in this fight and will have to force the action as Herring is a much taller fighter than him. He has a decent right hand and good power but is much shorter than Herring and will have to really work to get into range.

I think Herring should be able to jab his way to victory while using his height and reach advantages. If Oquendo can get into range and land a perfectly clean shot I can see him knocking Herring out but I’d be quite surprised if he managed it.


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