Yordenis Ugas versus Abel Ramos breakdown

Ugas should be the clear favourite in this fight as hes fought at a very high level and had good success while Abel Ramos has shown he loses most of the big fights.

Yordenis Ugas is originally from Cuba and has the Cuban amateur background which means hes very technically good. Hes got a good defence and seems to have a good chin as well. His power is decent though he doesn’t stop high level opponents very often.

Abel Ramos is a bit more crude but does have some good power. Hes normally a front foot fighter and will put pressure on his opponents all fight long. His defence isn’t great and hes not on Ugas’s level technically.

Abel Ramos

I think Yordenis Ugas will be able to us his superior boxing skill to win a 12 round decision or potentially a late stoppage if he can time Ramos enough.


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