Jose Zepeda versus Kendo Castanedo

Jose Zepeda is close to a title shot after beating Jose Pedraza last year. He was supposed to fight Ivan Baranchyk but Ivan pulled out of the fight due to a rib injury. Kendo Castaneda has come in on short notice after suffering his first defeat early this year.

Jose Zepeda is a southpaw who has twice fought for a world title and many feel he was unlucky not to get the decision versus Jose Carlos Ramirez. Zepeda has a good jab which he uses both to damage his opponent and also set his others shots up.

I like both his left hook and straight left hand to the body the latter of which his opponents don’t seem to expect. He has good defense though this is mostly based on his foot work and not necessarily his head movement in my opinion. His counter left hands in the Pedraza fight were also impressive. He’s not the most active fighter in the world but that’s because he picks his shots well rather than just trying to overwhelm his opponents.

Kendo Castaneda is a pressure fighter who marches forwards before throwing wide hooks that are relatively easy to see coming. His jab isn’t bad when he remembers to use it but unfortunately he mostly just walks in behind a high guard while trying to land big shots. I will say he seems to have decent power and when he does land his shots on people it bothers them. Fighters can certainly make him miss and time him though if he implements a jab and stops telegraphing his wide right hooks it would be harder to do either to him.

He has a good gas tank and this showed in his last fight where he came on late but unfortunately ran out of time. Early on in his fight with Yomar Alamo he wasn’t hitting much but air however as time went on Alamo tired from the constant pressure and Castaneda was landing good blows and clearly winning some latter rounds.

I think Jose Zepeda will likely win by decision because I think he has the perfect style to beat Castaneda. He’ll be able to counter him all fight long and he has a much better jab than Castaneda in my opinion. Castaneda may be able to come on late though with how dominant I see Zepeda being early on i’m not sure he’ll be that tired. Castaneda is also taking this fight on short notice so you don’t know how fit he really is.

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