Andy Vences versus Luis Alberto Lopez Vargas breakdown

This is another chance for Andy Vences to make his way to a world title and also a chance for Alberto Lopez Vargas to make a name for himself on television.

Andy Vences has a good long jab and likes to control the distance versus his opponents. He wasn’t able to do that versus Albert Bell because of how much taller Bell was but he has a height and reach advantage over Vargas so that won’t be a problem. He has good counters but I don’t think his defense is great in all honesty. I also don’t think he punches all that hard so it might be hard for him to get Alberto’s respect.

Alberto Lopez Vargas has fast hands and puts his opponents under constant pressure. He’s very agressive and will just rush in head first chin in the air winging in shots at his opponents which to be fair to him are surprisingly accurate. He has a good work rate and I especially like some of the 1-2’s he throws on the way in as they seem to hit more cleanly compared to his other punches. He can be countered on the way in and the way he comes forward makes him very vulnerable defensively. His best defence is his offense and he certainly has a lot of that.

I think Andy Vences will be able to use his height and reach to squeak out a close decision however it wouldn’t surprise me too much if Vargas is able to sway the judges with his aggressive style.

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