Guido Vianello versus Don Haynesworth breakdown

This is a 6 round fight between Guido Vianello a 6-0 heavyweight prospect from Italy and Don Haynesworth a 16-3-1 a heavyweight from the USA. Vianello now trains in the USA as well so he shouldn’t have any trouble with Jet lag which has affected travelling fighters before.

I’ll start off with Haynesworth and what he brings to the fight plus the game plan he needs to go with to win. Haynesworth clearly isn’t feather fisted as 14 of his 16 wins come by KO even if it is against limited competition. When I’ve seen him use his jab its quite effective at getting him into range though if he is to win this fight he needs to put something behind the jab as from all the footage I’ve watched he jabs and then forgets to throw a follow up punch.

His hand speed isn’t bad and if he can get on the inside with Vianello he should be able to get his shots off first as Vianello can get wild when he doesn’t respect his opponent. He needs to be aggressive to win this as otherwise he’ll get picked off at range and beaten down before being KO’d.

Haynesworth will constantly keep one of his arms out keeping it moving up and down which can be effective when used properly but he seems to use it as more of a defensive tactic which unfortunately doesn’t work versus any fighter taller than him.

He doesn’t feint very often or at all which means that any boxer with a deep amateur background can see whats coming long before it lands. This often leads to him being on the losing side of exchanges as well as being caught with his guard down after trying to throw. I mentioned above that I think his jab is decent when he uses it but the problem is he doesn’t combine it with other punches often enough. He will either throw a hook or a jab but very rarely a jab then a straight behind it etc. This combined with him having short arms ( they look short on video) leaves him at a severe disadvantage versus most fighters. He was on the back foot for the whole Zhang Zhilei fight and this meant that he got picked off by the technically superior fighter. I know i’m being critical but I will say that he has heart and in the second round of the Zhang fight I thought he landed some good shots and pressed the action like he needed too. If he can time Vianello like he did to Zhang coming in then he may wobble him and finish him with a barrage of punches afterwards. Zhang took the shot well but there is no guarantee that Vianello would as well.

As for Guido Vianello his game plan is simple. Use his height and reach to pick Haynesworth off at range forcing him to fight on the back foot. Vianello likes to throw lots of hooks when he is close to finishing someone and this will be effective in this fight as Haynesworth’s guard doesn’t properly protect him when hes hurt and Vianello can throw hooks around the guard like Zhang did. He should also punch to the body as that seemed to make Haynesworth uncomfortable enough to lower his guard which then let Zhang start landing good blows to the head. Vianello has the superior hand speed and foot work so should use these to his advantage rather than getting into needless 50-50 exchanges with Haynesworth.

Vianello for all his amateur pedigree still holds his chin to high and stands to straight especially when hes punching. If Haynesworth can get on the inside he can make it uncomfortable for Vianello who mostly looks to clinch rather than fight. Haynesworth is no master on the inside but as long as he does more than Vianello hes winning. Haynesworth can be effective at range by throwing overhand rights which Vianello is wide open to especially when he opens up.

I think what likely happens is that Vianello uses his size to land punches at range before buzzing Haynesworth and swarming in for the finish. Haynesworth can win but I don’t think he turns into his punches enough to really hurt Vianello and he doesn’t have the speed or timing to trouble him like other fighters such as Mohammed Arjaoui did. I’m predicting a KO for Vianello in the 4th round but he’ll get caught by at least one solid punch before putting Haynesworth away.

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