Shakur Stevenson versus Felix Caraballo and the weeks boxing.

After months of no boxing we are back with regular live boxing. This week there is only one big card taking place however in the coming weeks the amount of events should start to pick up.

Quatavious Cash versus Calvin Metcalf is a 6 round fight between two middleweights that have lost when they’ve stepped up in competition. From looking through their boxrec I think Cash should be able to win this fight however I will watch as much as I can on both of them and do an article breaking down the fight as I will for every fight on this card because of how glad I am that boxing is back. Next up on the card is Robeisy Ramirez versus Yeuri Andujar over 6 rounds. Ramirez should win this comfortably because of his amateur pedigree however he could lose if he still hasn’t adapted to the pro game like in his debut.

The next fight is between Guido Vianello and Don Haynesworth. Vianello looks like a good heavyweight prospect and I don’t see him having too many problems with Haynesworth who has lost by KO every time hes stepped up in competition. Jared Anderson another heavyweight prospect is stepping up very early by fighting Johnnie Langston. This will be over 6 rounds and should be a tough test for Anderson as Langston is a good fighter who arguably should be undefeated against some decent competition.

The first 10 round fight of this card will be between Mikaela Mayer and Helen Joseph. Mayer is currently one of the best prospects in women’s boxing and will likely fight for a world title soon. Joseph has been in with some very good competition and has a good chance of pulling off the upset here if Mayer doesn’t take her 100% seriously.

The main event of this card is Shakur Stevenson versus Felix Caraballo over 10 rounds. Stevenson is one of the top talents of the sport and shouldn’t have much trouble beating Caraballo in all honesty. I think the only way for Caraballo to win is to put as much pressure on Stevenson as possible and hope that he can land the one shot to put him down for the 10 count. In his last couple of fights Stevenson has gone on the back foot a lot so it will be interesting too see if he tries to push Caraballo back or continues picking him off on the back foot which Stevenson could do for 100 rounds straight if he wanted too.

I hope you enjoy the weeks boxing and are as happy as I am that its finally back. I’m going to be going hard this week with articles and breakdowns of the fights as its really nice to have some live boxing to cover. As always I hope all the boxers stay safe and get home to their family’s.

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