5 fighters Kenshiro Teraji can fight next

I’ve been watching a lot of Kenshiro’s fights recently so I thought I’d find 5 fighters he could realistically fight next. I think hes the best in his division right now and will likely stay that way for quite a few years.

The first fighter he could face is Jonathan Gonzalez. He just won a 10 round decision over Saul Juarez who Teraji beat in 2018. He also had a good fight with Kosei Tanaka and was ahead on points before being stopped to the body. I was very impressed with him in the Tanaka fight and with him moving down a weight class he could be even better. The only worry I have for this fight is if Gonzalez is weight drained as he was vulnerable to body shots the weight above so who knows what it would be like at Light Flyweight. He isn’t ranked in the WBC so its unlikely this fight happens but i’m sure if both fighters show interest the WBC would put him in over fighters who haven’t fought for over a year.

The second fighter he could face is Tibo Monabesa who is currently 20-1-2. Hes won two in a row versus ok opposition and is ranked in the top 15 by the WBC. His only loss is to fellow belt holder Hiroto Kyoguchi. If Teraji faced Monabesa then it could help build the Kyoguchi fight as they would have a common opponent.

The third fighter he could face is Hekkie Budler. I don’t think Budler has retired even though he hasn’t fought for over a year at this point. Hes a former champion who is very well known compared to many others in the division. Hes also ranked number one in the WBC so he might become mandatory anyway. I think hes one of the better people Teraji can fight as hes a former champion who is highly skilled and would hopefully still be a challenge at this point in his career.

The fourth fighter he could face is Agustin Mauro Gauto. Hes an Argentinian fighter who looks like he could be one of the best prospects in the division. Hes not washed up which is good as a lot of the people in the WBC rankings aren’t in their primes anymore to say the least. It may be a bit too early for Gauto but I think he can make it competitive and if he does lose he would learn a lot.

The fifth fighter that could face Teraji is Felix Alvarado. This is the fight I most want to see as it would be a unification and Alvarado is clearly one of the best fighters in the division. I think this would be a great fight and its one that can be made as they were actually scheduled to fight late last year but Alvarado had to pull out due to a sickness.

Hopefully we can see one of these fights once the Corona Virus starts to fade out though it may be many months before things return to normal.

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