Robin Zamora versus Ramiro Blanco and the weeks boxing

It looks like we will have one live boxing event this week from Nicaragua which will be televised in the USA but unlikely to be shown in the UK. Theres no major fights on the card but people are desperate for boxing and will watch any two people fight at this point.

The main event (I think) is a rematch between Robin Zamora and Ramiro Blanco. Zamora won the first fight by TKO in the second round but I presume it was controversial as they are rematching. Blanco has fought a huge list of good names such as Can Xu, Miguel Roman and Jhonny Gonzalez. Zamora isn’t as accomplished in the ring and may struggle to repeat what he did in the first fight.

Almost every other fight on the card are 50/50 club level fights. Gabriel Escalante is 12-0 though hasn’t faced any great competition. Hes only 22 and very active so he could perhaps be one for the future.

As always I hope all the fighters get home safely ad that you enjoy the fights. I hope everyone stays safe from the Corona Virus and I probably won’t write this next week as almost all boxing cards are cancelled.

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