5 realistic fights for Devin Haney’s voluntary defense.

Now that Haney has been reinstated as WBC champion (the whole situation is stupid) we can look at who he can fight next. Hes been given a voluntary defense so i’m going to go through a few fighters that he will realistically fight next. Its very unlikely that he will fight any big name next so i’ve looked through the WBC rankings and picked some fighters that might actually be picked.

The first potential fight is Yvan Mendy a very experienced fighter from France. He holds a record of 44-5-1 and has faced a lot of good fighters such as Luke Campbell and Viktor Postol. Hes highly ranked in the WBC and is on a good winning streak right now. Hes also 34 and isn’t that close to a title fight so I presume he would jump at the chance to fight for a title as a main event in America.

The next potential fight is Marcos Villasana Jr. He holds a record of 25-6 but hasn’t lost since 2015. Hes not a big name but he is Mexican which for US broadcasters is always a plus as theres a lot of Mexican-American fans which they always want to tap into. Hes also on a good win streak and is only a few fights away from a big fight anyway.

Another potential fight is Felix Verdejo who is currently 26-1. Before his one loss he was seen as a decent prospect and still holds a bit of a name in the USA. I think this would be a good fight as both are young and Verdejo is actually a bit underrated at this point.

Emmanuel Tagoe is also another potential fight for Devin Haney. He holds a record of 31-1 and is on a 31 fight win streak after losing his pro debut. I think he’d take the fight and it would be a decent fight as Tagoe has beaten a couple of good fighters who are now a bit past their prime.

The last potential fight for Devin Haney is Terry Flanagan who is currently fighting at super lightweight but he could still make 135. Hes a former champion and has fought good names in his career. Hes probably the best name on this list though I do think Flanagan is past his best even at the age of 30 and Haney beats him comfortably.

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