Should Minimum weight be removed?

I have been thinking recently that Minimum weight doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Any fighter that fights at minimum weight wouldn’t be undersized at Light Flyweight so why not get rid of minimum weight and make the talent pool at Light Flyweight deeper. Minimum weight world title fights are rarely broadcast on major TV networks and barely anyone knows who the champions are. It just seems like a way for the sanctioning bodies to get more money, surely there wasn’t some huge demand for minimum weight to be created especially considering that it currently only contains 236 active fighters. Light Flyweight which is the next weight class up has double the amount of fighters.

The problem with the division is its not needed and just creates more champions in boxing. Very few fighters that start at minimum weight want to go on long reigns there. Its a title to be picked up perhaps defend once or twice and then dropped before moving up in search of harder challenges.

If it is to continue being a division then the champions have to start unifying otherwise it will continue to stagnate.

In my opinion Minimum weight should be removed with all of its fighters moving up to Light Flyweight. This would deepen the talent pool at Light Flyweight which may get more people interested in the division. It would also help as currently when you watch a minimum weight title fight it often doesn’t feel like a title fight at all due to having a small crowd or just the skill of the challenger.

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