David Benavidez and why he has the most potential out of everyone at 168 or 175

David Benavidez is already a two time Super Middleweight champion however didn’t actually lose his belts in the ring. He was effectively stripped of his title because he tested positive for Cocaine and wasted a bit of his career. This won’t be a problem however as hes only 23 and shouldn’t be in his prime yet. I’d like too see him be active now and hopefully unify after one or two defenses. The fact hes already a world champion at the age of 23 leaves him with so much time to build a great resume.

The Super Middleweight division which he is in doesn’t really have a big name yet though with Canelo moving down it soon will. Benavidez could establish himself as a force in the division if he was to beat fellow titlist Caleb Plant or any of the other champions. I would especially like him against Callum Smith as both of them are massive super middleweights and I don’t want to risk one or the other moving up and losing the potential fight. Callum Smith also needs to get a big fight soon as his career has really stalled and David Benavidez is the best fight for him. Hopefully the fight would be in the UK at the O2 but I can also see it likely taking place in America.

If Benavidez continues to build his resume in the super middleweight and light heavyweight division then he could become the main guy at these weight classes as due to his age he’ll be able to fight this generation of champions and also the next couple waves as well.

Its always good too see champions that are young because it means they can make a significant impact on the sport. If you become a champion at 30+ its harder for you to make an impact as you only have a few years of fighting at the top level normally. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see Benavidez headlining PPV’s five years down the line and really bringing attention the Super middleweight and Light Heavyweight.

Hopefully he can be dedicated to boxing and give us some great fights versus other champions over the coming years and create himself a good legacy.

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