Tommy Fury versus Jordan Grant breakdown

This is a slight step up in competition for Tommy Fury who so far has only faced journeymen who aren’t coming to win. Jordan Grant has taken this fight on short notice and is only 2-0 with his wins also coming over win less journeymen. I expect Tommy Fury to win this fight by stoppageContinue reading “Tommy Fury versus Jordan Grant breakdown”

Tommy Fury versus Scott Williams breakdown

This is a terrible fight as Fury should win very comfortably and won’t learn anything. Scott Williams is a journeyman that is 0-9 and it’s ok for prospects to fight someone like him once or twice but this is the 5th bad opponent Fury’s faced even though hes shown hes levels above this. It’s alsoContinue reading “Tommy Fury versus Scott Williams breakdown”

Tommy Fury versus Genadij Krajevskij breakdown

This should be an easy fight for Tommy Fury as hes fighting a journeyman who has lost 11 times but never won a fight. I have to question the match making for this fight honestly as I think Tommy Fury has proved hes beyond this level of opponent at this point. For the sake ofContinue reading “Tommy Fury versus Genadij Krajevskij breakdown”