Serhii Bohachuk returns to the ring after suffering first defeat.

Bohachuk recently lost a fight to Brandon Adams in what was a good fight. He was ahead at the time of the stoppage but got caught by some big punches and couldn’t recover. Bohachuk himself is a big puncher and is clearly motivated as hes back in the ring only 4 months after his knockoutContinue reading “Serhii Bohachuk returns to the ring after suffering first defeat.”

Serhii Bohachuk versus Brandon Adams breakdown

This is a great 50/50 fight where the winner will truly start their run towards a title shot in the Super Welterweight division. Bohachuk is 18-0 with 18 knockouts but hasn’t faced any stiff competition yet while Adams is 22-3 but has faced good competition consistently over the past six years at least. Serhii BohachukContinue reading “Serhii Bohachuk versus Brandon Adams breakdown”