Reiya Abe versus Koshin Takeshima breakdown

This is a fight where experience will play a big factor in my opinion. Reiya Abe has had four times the amount of fights Takeshima has and has won the majority of them. Koshin Takeshima is taking a second big step up in competition which I don’t think hes ready for honestly. He lost hisContinue reading “Reiya Abe versus Koshin Takeshima breakdown”

Reiya Abe versus Ren Sasaki breakdown

This is a really good domestic clash between two Japanese fighters who need a decisive win soon. I think both do all things decently though Abe has proven he has a really good chin. I don’t think there is a huge difference between them however Abe is more experienced. I think because they are soContinue reading “Reiya Abe versus Ren Sasaki breakdown”