Solomon Dacres versus Mladen Manev breakdown

This is Dacres professional debut after a decent amateur career and so of course a fight that he’s expected to win. Manev is a journeyman who is small for a heavyweight and while he had a respectable amateur career he fights well above the weight class he should in the pro’s and hasn’t done soContinue reading “Solomon Dacres versus Mladen Manev breakdown”

David Adeleye versus Mladen Manev breakdown

David Adeleye is progressing at a good speed in the pro’s but is in no rush because of how young he is. He’s currently 4-0 with four knockouts while Mladen Manev is 2-8 but is slightly better than his record suggests usually. Manev actually had a respectable amateur career but at a much lower weightContinue reading “David Adeleye versus Mladen Manev breakdown”