Johnny Fisher versus Danny Whitaker breakdown

This is a good step up for Fisher who is only 2-0 with his first two fights being against journeymen. Danny Whitaker is a domestic heavyweight who’s had mixed results leaving him with a record of 4-3. Johnny Fisher showed decent power and athleticism in his first two fights and has had good sparring inContinue reading “Johnny Fisher versus Danny Whitaker breakdown”

Johnny Fisher versus Phil Williams breakdown

Johnny Fisher is going through the stage of his career where he faces the journeymen that every British heavyweight prospect fights in their first five fights. Phil Williams is a tough guy but at 3-27-1 he is clearly a journeyman and unlike Sokolowski he doesn’t pull off upsets very often. Johnny Fisher should be allContinue reading “Johnny Fisher versus Phil Williams breakdown”

Johnny Fisher versus Matt Gordon breakdown

There isn’t a whole lot to breakdown in this fight as Fisher is seen as a decent prospect making his debut versus Gordon who tries his best but simply isn’t up to the level of the prospects hes fighting. Matt Gordon has lost four times by knockout out of his five losses and with howContinue reading “Johnny Fisher versus Matt Gordon breakdown”