Jaime Arboleda versus Jonathan Victor Barros breakdown

This is a decent comeback fight for Jaime Arboleda who lost to Chris Colbert in his last fight. Jonathan Victor Barros has won his last two fights but is past his best. Arboleda is a tough boxer-puncher who has lapses defensively. Barros is the same but a lot older at 37. I think this fightContinue reading “Jaime Arboleda versus Jonathan Victor Barros breakdown”

Chris Colbert versus Jaime Arboleda breakdown

This should be a competitive fight between two young super featherweights. Chris Colbert is the dark horse of the next generation of American fighters while Arboleda is a fighter from Panama who has made an impact in America but needs to win this fight to truly break through. I think Chris Colbert will win becauseContinue reading “Chris Colbert versus Jaime Arboleda breakdown”