Ijaz Ahmed versus Quaise Khademi 2 breakdown

This should be a competitive fight just like the first fight. Khademi fought on the back foot for their first fight with Ahmed coming forward and putting on pressure. In the end the judges liked Ahmed’s pressure more and he got the decision deservedly in my eyes. They are now re-matching for the vacant BritishContinue reading “Ijaz Ahmed versus Quaise Khademi 2 breakdown”

Quaise Khademi versus Ijaz Ahmed breakdown

This isn’t a terrible fight though there is a noticable size difference as Ahmed is only 5 foot 1 while Khademi is 5 foot 6. I think Quaise Khademi should be able to box himself to a points victory as hes the more skilled fighter who also has reach and size advantages. Khademi has alsoContinue reading “Quaise Khademi versus Ijaz Ahmed breakdown”